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Adjusting My Crown

You may feel like you’ve been bent backward and forward beyond recognition by life’s trials. Let’s face it, life happens, but you do not have to allow life to destroy you. What you will learn by reading these amazing stories is that you too can overcome. You will be inspired to be a victor and not a victim. You can and will overcome rejection, avoid being a statistic, love again after a divorce, and heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You can rebuild your life after losing everything. You are resilient!

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Porscha Amest is a mother, entrepreneur, child advocate, and educator. She has more than sixteen years of educational experience. She is a Macon, Georgia native who serves as dance ministry leader in her church. Porscha has earned a bachelor of science in early childhood and special education, a master of science in mathematics and literacy, a specialist in early childhood education and is currently working toward completion of her doctoral degree in education. Her current profession is an academic dean for kindergarten through second grade students. She enjoys spending time with her son, exercising, praise dancing, having meaningful conversations with friends, and shopping. Porscha seeks to establish solutions to academic barriers in both reading and mathematics.


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